Unlicensed Money Transmitter Case

 69,00 inc. VAT | Sats 148.209

The “Unlicensed Money Transmitter” case is featuring magnetic doors and lots of room for hardware. A sliding bracket makes mounting your Raspberry Pi a breeze, and you can always access the SD Card through the dedicated slot. No fan included, you can find a compatible one in the shop.

The shell is always black, please choose your color combination for the door and the text. You can also contact me for a custom designed case, I’d love to make a personalized case for you.

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Product Parameters

Weight300 g
Dimensions17 × 11 × 8 cm
Door color

BTC Orange, Hellfire Red, GoBrrr Blue, Black

Text color

BTC Orange, Hellfire Red, GoBrrr Blue, Black, White