SeedSigner prebuilt


Use the SeedSigner and take custody of your Bitcoin. This kit includes a prebuilt SeedSigner Bitcoin signing device, in the OpenPill enclosure, available in two different colors. It comes with a 3D-printed coverplate as well as a resin printed threaded joystick. The signer is complete in working condition, no building or soldering is required. The only thing you have to do by yourself is flash the micro-sd card with the most up to date SeedSigner image. A sizeable part of the profits from every purchase will be donated to the SeedSigner development fund.


  • Raspberry Pi Zero WH (Wi-Fi/Bluetooth components removed)
  • Waveshare 1.3″ LCD Hat
  • OV5670 Pi-cam & compatible ribbon cable
  • GPIO Hammer Header (solderless)
  • Micro-sd card (not flashed)
  • Resin printed joystick – preinstalled
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Next Level Bitcoin Security

Note: This is a prebuilt SeedSigner, it’s ready to use except for the micro-sd card, you’ll have to flash the SeedSigner image yourself for security reasons.

How to use SeedSigner, german guide by d11n.

Spanish guide by Yisus Money :

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Black, Orange