Universal Bitaxe Stand

 9,00 inc. VAT | Sats 19.295

A stand which fits most, if not all the different versions of the bitaxe which are floating around.

It shouldn’t matter if yours came with a usb-c or micro-usb port, the slot is dimensioned so they are accessible for flashing. Additionally, there is a hole to route cables trough in the back of the case, if your bitaxe gets its power from the bottom and access from the side if it comes with the barrel connector. Compatibility was tested successfully with multiple bitaxes. (Ultra, 201 & 204 from D-Central, OSMU & Silexperience). Bitaxe not included.

Printed from almost indestructible Carbon Fiber infused TPU.

  • Temperature resistant up to 110°C
  • Flexible but rigid
  • Shock & Vibration absorbant
  • Premium Carbon Fiber Finish
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Product Parameters

Weight19 g
Dimensions11 × 7 × 14 cm

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