We believe that 3D printing can make anyone a more sovereign individual. This technology empowers its users to create their own objects rapidly at any scale. Of course, we also love Bitcoin and want to encourage you to take control of your Satoshis. Get yourself a SeedSigner, and withdraw to self custody NOW. Not your keys, not your coins!

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The SeedSigner project enables you to build your own airgapped Bitcoin signing device (aka “Hardware Wallet”) in the most trustless way there is. From openly available parts. Since not everyone has a 3D Printer (but you should) we’re happy to supply the printed enclosures and buttons needed.

When building the first few SeedSigners, sourcing all the parts wasn’t as easy as we hoped. So, we sourced them all for you. If you can find them cheaper, that’s great, go for it. As long as it proves useful for some, we will continue listing all the parts that we can get our hands on.

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SeedSigner GitHub

More to come

While our printers go brrr, we’re working hard to bring you:

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