⚡ Welcome, we offer 3D-prints, 3D-design and hardware for sovereign individuals! ⚡

Tick tock, next block. Now in stock, the Orange Clock!

Grab your piece of the meme that greened! The 3D-printed Skull of Satoshi.

Achieve ultimate sovereignty and get your own SeedSigner! DIY-Kits or prebuilt devices available.

New! Entropia V2 by SeedSigner. Bitcoin BIP39 lottery pieces to help you create a Seed in a trustless manner.

Easily set up your own Bitcoin & Lightning Network node!

Blockstream Jade – Hardware Wallet

Dorian Nakamoto bust with integrated NFC Chip

Follow the white rabbit!

RockPro 64 RoninDojo “Osaka” Enclosure

Heavy metal backups and more

Pins designed by KanutoTakumi – you can find more awesome pins over at Kanuto.io

For our 3D-Design and print on demand service, please reach out using the contact form at the bottom.

Our FDM and SLA printers are operational and ready to

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