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  • 3D-printing with a focus on quality

    We are laser-focus on delivering quality prints. That goes for part strength as well as appearance. We expect to deliver no less than a perfect print.

  • Rapid Prototyping

    Cut production times in half with rapid prototyping. From idea to printed prototype in less than two weeks. The days of expensive molds are over.

  • Based in Austria

    Local production is more efficient, enjoy faster shipping and no customs duties. We can print up to 1000pcs / month. (Depends on item size.)

  • Handmade with <3

    We love 3D-printing! Naturally, we're proud of every print which leaves our farm. This is why each item receives the maximum amount of care.

  • Endless Possibilities

    Create geometries which have never been possible before. With 3D-printing, the sky is literally the limit, as it's the most versatile form of production.

The Skull of Satoshi

Grab your piece of the meme that greened

Get it now!

39 centimeters of multicolor 3D-printed glory