RoninDojo Bokuto “Osaka” Case

 42,00 inc. VAT | Sats 90.033

Run your RoninDojo Bitcoin Node in Style, with the 3D-printed and branded 2 part “Osaka” case for the RoninDojo Bokuto. This case perfectly houses your Bokuto while leaving no doubt, that it is in fact a Ronin Dojo. Enough airflow is guaranteed by the multitude of ventilation slits, as well as the open lid. The enclosure comes with threaded inserts for convenient mounting of your RockPro64 and the lid. Fitting screws included.

You can find the necessary hardware and software stack on the RoninDojo website.

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Additional Information

The fine folks at RoninDojo released their latest node, the Bokuto is based on a RockPro64. This exciting piece of hardware is sporting a fast multicore CPU, 4GB LDDR4, and a custom PCI interface enabling onboard NVME storage. This compelling Kit runs Ronin OS and gives you full access to your own Dojo Server. It’s only missing one thing, a 3D-printed case that does the inside justice. This is the Bokuto “Osaka” Case by Go Brrr.

Product Parameters

Weight140 g
Dimensions15,1 × 10,9 × 6,5 cm