SeedSigner – Open Pill


Use the SeedSigner and take custody of your Bitcoin. This is a prebuilt SeedSigner Bitcoin signing device, in the OpenPill enclosure, available in two different colors. It comes with a 3D-printed coverplate as well as a fitting PLA joystick. The signer is complete in working condition, no building or soldering is required. The only thing you have to do by yourself is flash a micro-sd card (not incuded) with the most up to date SeedSigner image. A sizeable part of the profits from every purchase will be donated to the SeedSigner development fund.


  • Raspberry Pi Zero WH (Wi-Fi/Bluetooth components removed)
  • Waveshare 1.3″ LCD Hat
  • OV5670 Pi-cam & compatible ribbon cable
  • GPIO Hammer Header (solderless)
  • PLA printed joystick – preinstalled


Next Level Bitcoin Security

Note: This is a prebuilt SeedSigner, it’s ready to use except for the micro-sd card, (not incuded). You have to flash the SeedSigner image yourself for security reasons. Follow the steps below.

Software setup:

1. Download the latest SeedSigner image (currently 0.6.0), from or from the official github repo.
2. Verify your download. You can easily do this by using the “Select file to verify” button here.
3. Flash the image to your micro-sd card.
4. Insert the micro-sd card into your SeedSigner and connect the power cable.

How to use SeedSigner:

  • English guide written by BitcoinMagazine.
  • German guide by d11n.

Additional information


Black, Orange