Raspberry Pi 4 + NVME SSD Bundle


Running a Bitcoin node is a great way to support the network and to start your journey to financial self sovereignty. To get you started in no time, we’ve put together this hardware bundle including almost everything you’ll need. Almost because there’s no printed case included.

What you get:

  • Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB / 8GB RAM)
  • Power Supply (EU-Plug, official, USB-C)
  • External NVME SSD 1 TB (USB 3.0 / 8,8 Gbit/sec R/W 1050/950 MB/s)

A part of the profit will be donated to the SeedSigner development fund.

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Don’t trust, verify. Don’t rely on other people to run a Node for you. Just do it yourself, with our DIY Kit.

Which OS should I use?
I recommend FOSS options like Raspiblitz or RunCitadel, or RoninDojo, but of course there are lots of other great options out there. I personally use Raspiblitz and RunCitadel, as such, I can recommend them from experience. RoninDojoUI is a new privacy focused UI built by the Samourai Wallet community, which also looks promising.

Depending on your skill level, pick the OS which suits you best. RunCitadel is probably the easiest to set up, but still in development. Raspiblitz is perfectly stable, very well maintained, and the recommended way to go for beginners. Yes, Umbrel exists, but ask yourself if there’s a point in running a Bitcoin node if it’s not FOSS.

Of course, you can also run Bitcoin Core and LND or c-lightning from source, if you know how to, that’s obviously the best choice.


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