AlpenCoin DIY Kit


This is the AlpenCoin DIY Kit. The first swiss made physical Bitcoin, stored on a real coin made from nickel plated steel. Created and developed in Switzerland by AlpenCoin.



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Where does the name “Alpen Coin” come from?
The name comes from the famous mountain range that stretches across the center of Europe, covering Switzerland in particular and shaping its skyline and landscape.

The origin of the word “alps” comes from a Celtic or pre-Celtic root alp which would come from albos meaning “the luminous world, the world above” or from the common Indo-European albho meaning “white”. The etymology of the word “alps” revolves mainly around two notions: the notions of whiteness and height, elevation.

In addition to these two notions, there is another almost mystical one, a sort of synthesis of the other two, that of “luminous world” “world from above”.
The Bitcoin and its virtual world represent a luminous and inaccessible world, like the high, white silhouette of the Alps that cuts through the Swiss landscape.

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Weight 10 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 2 cm