SLA Pill Kit


The SLA Pill Kit features a resin printed enclosure, with only 0.6 mm thick, slightly transparent walls. It’s also much smaller than the usual Open Pill or Orange Pill enclosures. So small, in fact, that it requires a different camera than the original build (the so called Zerocam), which is largely responsible for it being more expensive.

Build your SeedSigner with our SLA Pill Kit and take custody of your Bitcoin. This kit includes all components needed to assemble a working SeedSigner Bitcoin signing device, without the need of any soldering. A threaded joystick for the control knob is included. Parts of profits are being donated to the SeedSigner development fund.

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Case design by @OrangeSurfBTC  parts of profits support the creator.


Orange Surfs Github

Assembly Instructions and useful resources:

Written guide by @BitcoinMagazine

German written guide by @_d11n_

Official SeedSigner Build Video:


Spanish guide by Yisus Money :


Dimensions 7,07 × 3,57 × 1,89 cm