SeedSigner Bitcoin Controller Case


The SeedSigner Bitcoin Controller case is the most recent addition to the lineup of SeedSigner cases, and resembles a PS4 Controller. Of course, it’s much more versatile than that. This case is a multicolor print that fits a SeedSigner perfectly, buttons and joystick included. Getting the two parts opened once they are closed is possible, but can be a bit tedious, so don’t forget to insert an SD-card before you put it together. You have been warned.

Bau dir dein SeedSigner Bitcoin-Signiergerät in deiner bevorzugten Farbe und übernimm Eigenverantwortung für deine Satoshis. Ein Teil des Gewinns wird monatlich an den SeedSigner Entwicklungsfonds gespendet.

Note: This case needs some preparation, please allow a few days before it will be shipped. Thanks!

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Assembly Instructions for your SeedSigner, also relevant for the PS Controller case.


Weight 0,042 g
Dimensions 14 × 3,5 × 4,2 cm